The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism

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Suite For Bigband (2003)
I. School End
II. The Paddock
III. Lower Loft

Mr Tim (Composed 1999, arranged 2005)

Pensieri Nascosti (2005)

Samba To The Bone (composed 2000, arranged 2005)

Beannachtai Na Feile Padraig (2006)

Larissa (Composed 2003, arranged 2006)

Air Play (CTIV) (2006)

Full Circle (Composed 2006, arranged 2007)

Heading East (for Big Band) (2007)

Unclaimed Serenade (2007)

The Groove Will Mask It (2007)

Inextricably Linked (2008)

Sober Stumble (2009)

Burnt Flavour (2009)

Saxophone Quartet

Inside Today (2006)

Faces Will Tell (2006)

String Orchestra

Heading East (for String Orchestra) (2007)

Wind Quintet

To be performed either as a three movement suite in the following order, or as separate pieces:

Q Block (2004)

Cooking In The Caravan (2006)

Round The Pole (2003)

Brass Quintet: (2 Trumpets, French Horn and 2 Trombones)

Whispers (2004)

Solo Piano

Boss (2003)

SATB Choir

Salve Regina (2004)

O Salutaris Hostia (2004)

In Manus Tuas (2006)